anxiety support and therapy group

Our Anxiety Support and Therapy Group is starting up this fall. This weekly group will run in 6-week cycles and is designed for adults (18+) living with any of the following:


• Excessive life worry;

• General and persistent anxiety;

• Social/Performance Anxiety

Heidi Piotrowski is a Registered Social Worker who has a special interest in helping people learn to harness the power of their mind and body. As a mental health professional specializing in anxiety treatment,Heidi will be using an integrative framework that is primarily informed by the following therapeutic approaches:


• Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

• Behavioural Activation  

• Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

• Mindfulness interventions

• Somatic Psychotherapy

Contact us for more information and to put your name on our waitlist.



The cost of weekly session is $80.00 CAD and may be covered by extended health benefits if you have coverage for social work or psychotherapy.

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