Clinical counselling hypnotherapy

We offer hypnotherapy as a complementary method to counselling and psychotherapy for youth and adult clients (14 and up) for anxiety, sleep and chronic pain management. Hypnotherapy uses the natural state of trance to enhance the minds innate ability to change thoughts and behaviors that may be holding you back from achieving emotional wellness.

Using an Eriksonian approach, our experienced clinical counselling hypnotherapists can facilitate a deep state of relaxation that can help bring to the surface internal experiences that may be outside of conscious awareness which may be keeping you stuck in repetitive thoughts and behaviors which are no longer serving you. Interrupting the anxiety response and repetitive thought patterns while in a state of deep relaxation, the unconscious mind it more open to positive suggestions which promote a shift in emotional and behavioral responses.

Hypnotherapy can also be beneficial in enhancing concentration skills, increasing confidence and improve the quality of life when faced with adverse physical or emotional symptoms, personal triggers, big life changes or overall health and wellness. 

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