Your Investment

Our Fees

hp counselling and consultation is committed to providing accessible counselling that is fairly priced. We offer a variety of options to suit the needs of our clients.



Individual Psychotherapy Session: $160.00 for 50 minute session

Reduced rate services are available to clients who do not have insurance. These services are provided by a skilled Masters level intern under the supervision of Heidi Piotrowski. The fee for these appointments is 50% of our regular rate for psychotherapy.

Sliding scale may also be available.

Child & Family Counselling

Child/Parent Counselling Session: $160.00 for 50 minute session

Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy

Psychotherapy/Hypnotherapy Session: $200.00 for 80 minute session

Walk In Counselling Clinic Session

Counselling Session: $50.00 for 50 minute session

Breaking the Worry Trance Coaching Program

BTWT Session: $200.00 for 80 minute session


RSW/RSSW/RP Supervision/Consultation: $135.00 per hour

Student Supervision: Please contact us for details


 Please contact us for details. 

Please note that requests for letters, reports, etc. will be billed at our hourly session rate. Requests for completion of medical documentation for short/long-term disability is $50 per document.

Contact us for further details regarding your investment in the journey to wellness.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Our services are covered by most insurance companies and insurance plans. We offer social work and psychotherapy coverage. If you do not have social work or psychotherapy coverage, you may be able to ask for it to be added to your insurance plan by contacting your employer.

It is the client's responsibility to inquire with their insurance company as to which services will be accepted for reimbursement. Please note that insurance companies generally only cover a portion of the cost of counselling, usually somewhere in the range of 80%.

Psychotherapy services are NOT covered by OHIP.

Accepted Payment Options

Payment will be taken at the end of your session.