Parenting: Is it time to let go?

There are many different parenting styles out there these days and one thing is for sure, no matter which you choose, you will likely face criticism from someone at some point in time. That's why it is crucial that you feel confident in your choice of parenting style and learn to give yourself a break if you discover that your choice is no longer working for you.

Until recently, I hadn't really considered what type of parent I am. I know that I'm not a helicopter parent, nor do I subscribe to a freestyle of parenting. I guess I considered myself somewhere in between. Dh and I could be considered strict, if not fair and try our very best to be as consistent as possible.

As our girls get older I have noticed that we are starting to give them a little more responsibility and freedom. For example, the girls take turns cleaning up after dinner (one does the dishes and the other cleans the table, with help of course) and they have been allowed to go just a little bit further on their bikes this summer.

This week Dh and I took a huge step (we think) and let our oldest daughter go to overnight camp for a week. The first night was rough (on me) but I know that she is having a blast (thanks to Facebook posts by the camp) and each day gets us a little closer to when she comes home.

So, when it is time to let go and allow our kids a little more responsibility and freedom? Expert opinions vary but from my perspective it has to feel right to you as the parent. Trust yourself. You know your kids best.