Relationships: Your Mood and Effective Communication

Communication is key in healthy relationships. Right!?! Absolutely, but there are effective and ineffective way to communicate. The most important thing to consider is your mood. Mood can play a critical role in how you communicate with someone. For example, has someone ever snapped at you and you thought wondered, "what the heck was that all about?" Sure you have.

Tips for Effective Communication:

1. Check your mood. Are you feeling irritable? Angry? If so, it might be best to either let the person you are speaking to know how you are feeling or take a few minutes to de-stress before communicating.

2. Listen, really listen. Effective communication requires you to listen, at least as much as you speak. Try asking questions and repeating back to the person you are speaking to, key points that they have raised.

3.Pay attention to emotion. It's amazing what a little empathy and compassion can do in the face of a heated discussion. Be kind and chose your words carefully. If you can't do that, it might be best to wait 24 hours before having the conversation.