The Cost of Relocation

Moving is something military families are very used to doing. An average Canadian military family will move ten times during a CAF member's 25 year career and many families face financial and emotion difficulties as a result.

The summer months for families who are posted are generally pretty busy but once September rolls around and the kids go back to school, a military spouse can quickly begin to feel lonely and isolated. Finding a new job can take months, or even years (who has those?), which can lead to resentment and problems in a marriage.

But it doesn't have to be all bad.

Military families have an opportunity to see Canada and even the world. The key to a smooth posting getting involved in your new community, meeting new people and finding activities that your family can enjoy together.

If you've recently arrived to a new location take advantage of opportunities to meet new people at your local MFRC (find your MFRC by clicking here). Many MFRCs also offer programming in surrounding areas which is convenient for families living off-base.

Volunteering at your MFRC or child(ren)'s school, the library or other location that interests you is a great way to meet people and even find a new job. Explore the community and find out about festivals and recreation programs by visiting the town or city's website.

If you're still struggling, a cousellor can help you find your way in your new location. Contact your local MFRC or contact me to schedule your free consultation to see if online counselling is right for you.