Do Fidget Spinners Really Help with Anxiety

Fidget Spinners have become insanely popular over the last couple of months, with children, teens and adults alike taking to their use. Most of these spinners are inexpensive and can be purchased both online and in large retail stores.

Some companies have controversially been marketing Fidget Spinners as a tool for relieving stress and anxiety, even autism

and ADHD, but do they really help people who suffer from these problems?

According to most users, fidget toys provide tactile stimulation and a pleasing sensory experience. They fit in the palm of your hand and can potentially give you an outlet for focusing your attention, especially if you are someone who fidgets a lot.

Fidgets have been used by therapists, including myself, for years to help people in and out of session. Stress balls, for example, are a common thing to see in a therapist's office. While Fidget Spinners may provide temporary relief to anxiety sufferers, those using them may begin to rely on them to feel safe, and thus prolong the anxiety.

If you find yourself constantly over thinking or dealing with stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions, items like Fidget Spinners might help take your mind off these things temporarily.

What Fidget Spinners primarily do is distract us from our thoughts and feelings. Distraction can be good when people are starting to curb a habit, like smoking or biting their nails, but for long term success it’s better for people to move past distraction toward being able to be with their anxiety.

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, on the other hand, can provide people with lasting benefits. Counselling can help you learn to be aware of your emotions and cope with them in a way that is both healthy and empowering.

If you want to address your anxiety without distraction and learn to live with your thoughts and feelings rather than avoid them, schedule a free consultation with us and let’s get started.

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