Counselling is beneficial at any age

It is not uncommon for people to feel anxious and afraid when seeking counselling for the first time. Not knowing what to expect and worrying about revealing personal details about themselves to a stranger is a new experience. Fears about being judged and misinformation about who really needs to go to counselling are common concerns that clients share with us when they make their first call.

These are all valid concerns and we strive to create a safe space for our client’s to be heard and to heal at any age. Whether you are struggling with anxiety and depression or just need someone to talk to, it’s okay to look for support and guidance when you are going through a tough time.

That’s why we have decided to expand our service to people of all ages. From children to adolescents and adults, anyone is welcome to reach out and get the support they need to start living the life they envision for themselves and their families.

By offering counselling to clients of all ages, we hope to promote the idea that it’s okay to seek help when you are struggling. Hopefully by spreading this message, more people will feel empowered to seek help with emotional or mental health problems before they become severe.

Establishing a relationship with a counsellor that you trust early on in life is a great tool. As you grow, a counsellor can help you heal from childhood traumas, find your voice, and work through life changes or hardships that you experience throughout adolescence and adulthood.

If you or your child is currently struggling with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues, or you need help mending family relationships reach out and schedule your free initial consultation to learn how we can help.

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