April Book of the Month: The Road to Calm Workbook Life-changing Tools to Stop Runaway Emotions

Who are Dr Carolyn Daitch and Lissah Lorberbaum and why should I care?

Dr. Carolyn Daitch is a psychologist, director, consultant and author specializing in anxiety disorders, stress and emotional management. She has more than 25 years experience in private practice in Michigan, USA.

Dr. Daitch wrote The Road to Calm Workbook with co-author Lissah Lorberbam in 2016 to help readers take control of runaway emotions by incorporating her training and understanding of hypnotherapy with evidence-based psychotherapy.

In their book, The Road to Calm Workbook, Dr. Daitch and Lissah Lorberbaum provide a clear explanation of how and why we may become overwhelmed by our emotions and offer simple, effective strategies to overcome what they describe as emotional flooding, decrease stress to prevent emotional flooding, and manage emotional reactions due to a wide range of possible scenarios.

What is The Road to Calm Workbook about and why should I read it?

The Road to Calm Workbook focuses on teaching us how to manage runaway emotions in simple, practical and effective ways. It offers a set of practical and effective tools that empower readers to manage a variety of emotional triggers in their lives.

Each chapter features educational information and tools to support emotional regulation. Part one features a detailed explanation of emotional flooding and how it can negatively impact relationships. Part two features tools to support self-regulation, as well as strategies to implement today to ease stress and stop emotional overwhelm in its tracks.

Additionally, Dr. Daitch and Ms. Lorberbaum offer a table of when each of the 12 tools can be used, as well as how to identify triggers and take stock of your stressors.

Does Dr. Daitch have any other books?

Yes! Dr. Daitch has authored four books including, The Road to Calm Workbook, Anxious in Love, Anxiety Disorders: The Go-To Guide For Clients and Therapists, and Affect Regulation Tool Box. For more information on her many projects visit: https://carolyndaitchphd.com/