Manifestation: Am I responsible for the bad things in my life because I can't think positive?

Recently, I have come across many clients who fear that because they are thinking negatively they are responsible for, or will be responsible for, bad things happening to them.

Manifestation is somewhat of a trend in the self-help industry and while I believe in and speak about manifestation frequently in my work with clients, I am concerned that the ways in which it is being presented in social media and self-help books is leading to increased feelings of failure among those who remain stuck and believe they have failed to manifest the life that they envision.

You see, manifestation is not just about envisioning a different future. It is about reawakening the creative unconscious so that, in time, and with effort, you begin to think, behave and emote in ways that lead you in the direction of the life you envision.

It is not as simple as think positively and positive things will happen to you.

It takes time for the vision of your future to become your reality. It takes time for you to actually see yourself in the vision that you create.

In searching for a simple and concise way to explain this to clients I came across Dr. Joe Dispenza's video about why it is hard to change. I hope that it resonates with you as it has with others and helps to dispel the myths that surround the concept of manifestation.