March Book of the Month: Raising A Screen Smart Kid by Julianna Miner

Who is Julianna Miner and why should I care?

Julianna Miner is the hilarious mommy blogger behind Rants from Mommyland. She is a mother of three and an adjunct professor at George Mason University with over 20 years experience in community and public health.

Julianna started Rants from Mommyland with her friend Kristin Wilson Keppler in 2009 as a way to cope with the insanity that is motherhood. Her blog quickly became a popular place for moms from all walks of life to find solace in the chaos of the day-to-day.

In her book, Raising A Screen Smart Kid, Julianna provides practical and relatable advice about raising children in the digital age and helps us understand the pitfalls of social media and how to help our kids avoid them.

What is Raising A Screen Smart Kid about and why should I read it?

Raising A Screen Smart Kid focuses on teaching tweens and teens to use technology to increase social connection, access support when needed and enhance knowledge of the things that interest them.

Each chapter features a topic of interest to parents unfamiliar with growing up in a digital world. From the desire to be insta-famous to online relationships and internet safety, Julianna covers it all in this easy to read, yet highly informative how to guide for all parents seeking the answer to the question: how do I keep my kid safe in this unfamiliar world of imaginary audiences?

Does Julianna Miner have any other books?

Raising A Screen Smart Kid is Julianna's first book however she is the co-founders of pmommy blog Rants from Mommyland and was featured in the book I Just Want to Pee Alone. Julianna has also been featured on Babble.comThe Huffington Post, Nickelodeon's Parents Connect and Washington Times.